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Distances from Gumdag

Distances from Gumdag to the largest cities and places in Turkmenistan. Have a closer look at the distances from Gumdag to the largest places in Turkmenistan.

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Distances from Gumdag to the largest places in Turkmenistan
Balkanabat Balkanabat1.87,82239 km 24 mishow
Gazanjyk Gazanjyk2.21,09080 km 50 mishow
Serdar Serdar3.12,000148 km 92 mishow
Turkmenbasy Türkmenbaşy4.68,292167 km 104 mishow
Baharly Baharly5.22,991261 km 162 mishow
Arcabil Arçabil6.3,000337 km 209 mishow
Abadan Abadan7.39,481339 km 211 mishow
Ashgabat Ashgabat8.727,700359 km 223 mishow
Annau Annau9.27,526372 km 231 mishow
Kaka Kaka10.18,545485 km 302 mishow
Akdepe Akdepe11.14,177514 km 319 mishow
Koeneuergench Köneürgench12.30,000518 km 322 mishow
Yylanly Yylanly13.26,901519 km 322 mishow
Tagta Tagta14.16,635527 km 327 mishow
Boldumsaz Boldumsaz15.21,159538 km 335 mishow
Dasoguz Daşoguz16.166,500541 km 336 mishow
Tejen Tejen17.67,294555 km 345 mishow
Gazojak Gazojak18.21,021620 km 385 mishow
Mary Mary19.114,680657 km 408 mishow
Murgab Murgab20.13,199672 km 417 mishow
Bayramaly Bayramaly21.75,797684 km 425 mishow
Yoloeten Yolöten22.37,705712 km 442 mishow
Seydi Seydi23.17,762717 km 446 mishow
Turkmenabat Türkmenabat24.234,817776 km 482 mishow
Farap Farap25.14,503778 km 484 mishow
Sayat Saýat26.17,762805 km 500 mishow
Serhetabat Serhetabat27.5,200814 km 506 mishow
Atamyrat Atamyrat28.33,242937 km 582 mishow
Gowurdak Gowurdak29.34,7451,009 km 627 mishow

1 - 29 of 29 places