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Places in Turkmenistan with BA

Search and find places in Turkmenistan with first letters BA.

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Alphabetical index of places in Turkmenistan with BA

There are 43 places in Turkmenistan beginning with 'BA' (in alphabetical order).
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Babadayhan   to   Bazardepe
Places in Turkmenistan with BA
Babadayhan Babadaýhan1.Ahal Ahal-
Babadaykhan Babadaykhan2.-
Babadurmaz Babadurmaz3.Ahal Ahal-
Babakhodzha Babakhodzha4.-
Babarap Babarap5.Ahal Ahal-
Bagabat Bagabat6.Ahal Ahal-
Bagadzha Bagadzha7.-
Bagarka Bagarka8.-
Bagt Bagt9.-
Bagyr Bagyr10.Ahal Ahal-
Baharly Baharly11.Ahal Ahal22,991
Bakhardenskiy Kar'yer Bakhardenskiy Kar’yer12.Ahal Ahal-
Bakhshi Bakhshi13.-
Bakhshimarish Bakhshimarish14.-
Balkanabat Balkanabat15.Balkan Balkan87,822
Balkui Balkui16.Balkan Balkan-
Balla-Ishem Balla-Ishem17.Balkan Balkan-
Bamy Bamy18.Ahal Ahal-
Bangil'dy Bangil’dy19.-
Banysh Banysh20.-
Baragiz Baragiz21.-
Bardzan Bardzan22.-
Barsli Barsli23.-
Basaga Basaga24.-
Basaga Basaga25.Lebap Lebap-
Basbeden Başbeden26.Mary Mary-
Bashvak Bashvak27.-
Bassar-Kish Bassar-Kish28.-
Batash Batash29.-
Batash Batash30.Lebap Lebap-
Batyrkent Batyrkent31.-
Bay Bay32.-
Bay-Kabyl' Bay-Kabyl’33.-
Bay-Kishlak Bay-Kishlak34.Lebap Lebap-
Bayat Bayat35.-
Bayat-Khadzhi Bayat-Khadzhi36.-
Baygushli Baygushli37.-
Bayramaly Bayramaly38.Mary Mary75,797
Bayramtogan Bayramtogan39.-
Bazar Bazar40.-
Bazar Bazar41.-
Bazar-Sakhe Bazar-Sakhe42.-
Bazardepe Bazardepe43.Lebap Lebap-

1 - 43 of 43 places