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Places in Turkmenistan with BO

Search and find places in Turkmenistan with first letters BO.

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Alphabetical index of places in Turkmenistan with BO

There are 18 places in Turkmenistan beginning with 'BO' (in alphabetical order).
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Bokurdak   to   Bozogoli
Places in Turkmenistan with BO
Bokurdak Bokurdak1.-
Bol'shevik Bol’shevik2.-
Bol'shevik Bol’shevik3.-
Bol'shevik Bol’shevik4.-
Bol'shevik Bol’shevik5.-
Bol'shevik Bol’shevik6.-
Bol'shevik Bol’shevik7.-
Bol'shevik Bol’shevik8.-
Bol'shevik Bol’shevik9.-
Bol'shevik Bol’shevik10.Ahal Ahal-
Bol'shevik Bol’shevik11.Ahal Ahal-
Boldumsaz Boldumsaz12.Dasoguz Daşoguz21,159
Borme Börme13.Ahal Ahal-
Boroshly Boroshly14.-
Bovart Bovart15.-
Boy Pervyy Boy Pervyy16.-
Boydag Boydag17.-
Bozogoli Bozogoli18.-

1 - 18 of 18 places